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lundi 7 octobre 2019

Fortnite: lawyers attack the game in court because it makes snag young

octobre 07, 2019 0
A Montreal law firm has filed a class action suit against Fortnite. In question, the addiction that causes the free-to-play among the youngest, and its consequences on health and education.

The lawsuits against the giants of the video game are multiplying. In France, the high court of Paris has just condemned Steam to authorize the sale of dematerialized games. If the decision is upheld on appeal, it could set a precedent and reach out to other players, including Fortnite's Epic Games platform. It is Fortnite's turn to be subject to legal action. The social phenomenon that brings together nearly 250 million players is the subject of a collective action request launched by a law firm in Montreal. According to the firm, the title would be addictive, and therefore the cause of health problems and school failure among the youngest.

Fortnite would have been thought to be addictive

In the same way as gambling, video game addiction has been classified as a disease by the World Health Organization. It has the same characteristics as the other dependencies, including the abandonment of any activity to focus solely on the game.

Fortnite is criticized for being designed to make the player addicted. Epic Games has hired psychologists, and it seems logical enough to think that their role is to design an environment and addictive game mechanics. Among her recruits, Célia Hodent, a French woman with a doctorate in psychology, has been named director of the user experience. The unacknowledged goal would be to make the mechanics of the game more addictive and the sensations of reward more intense using the principles of conditioning.

This is all the more serious as free-to-play is financed exclusively by in-play purchases that are mostly made by young children. Epic Games has made no comment, and even seems to want to continue on this path by strengthening the community aspect of the game, especially with the introduction of audio chat in the latest version of the game on smartphones.

Source : Radio-Canada
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The Huawei P30 Pro no longer wants to launch Netflix, is your smartphone touched?

octobre 07, 2019 0
The Huawei P30 Pro continues to be talked about, but this time it does not affect the quality of its photos or its performance. It appears that some devices that previously could pass the SafetyNet test are now unable to do so. Applications no longer recognize the terminal as authentic and honest.

The Huawei P30 Pro would currently be the victim of a big bug. At issue: SafetyNet. This is an important attestation API that allows applications to verify the integrity of the device on which they run. In practice, its operation is essential to use Netflix or Google Pay, for example.

Huawei must quickly deploy the final version of EMUI 10

This defect was reported for the first time on Twitter by the British developer Paul O'Brien. The latter has an unmodified P30 Pro that has already passed SafetyNet successfully, but fails the same operation today. Some smartphone users using the same software version, however, report a good operation.

Huawei confirmed that some devices do not behave normally with SafetyNet, but that this problem should only affect phones using the EMUI 10 beta on Android 10. The brand explains that normally, for testing purposes, Google allows the beta version of an Android-based mobile OS to behave as a certified version. In the case of the P30 Pro, the August EMUI 10 beta version is no longer considered certified, resulting in a failure to connect to SafetyNet.

Regarding the users of EMUI 9.1, the brand has no explanation as to why the devices would not pass the test. To check if a device is affected, simply download the SafetyNet Test application and run it.

Huawei takes the opportunity to announce that EMUI 10 has been certified by Google to be used in final version on the P30 Pro. So just wait until the update is deployed so that the behavior of flagships against SafetyNet becomes normal again.

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samedi 5 octobre 2019

Red Dead Redemption 2: it's official the release date is November 5th on PC

octobre 05, 2019 0
Expected for a long time, the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 arrives very soon with an official release date. In a month exactly, the famous shooter will be accessible to Windows players and according to its publisher, it is not a simple portage of Xbox One and PS4 versions, but an improved edition.

It is now a certainty: reserved so far to the console market, Red Dead Redemption 2 arrives on November 5 on PC. The rumor of a Windows version, which ran since December 2018, was true. Rockstar has just made the announcement official via his Twitter account and his site. And the developers have seen things in large, since the game should really exploit the performance of the PC.

Pre-orders for Red Dead Redemption 2 start on October 9th

According to his publisher, this version has several "graphic and technical improvements". The game will also offer new bounty hunter missions, new gang camps, new weapons, and more. Rockstar also recalls that Red Dead Redemption II will include free access to the world of Red Dead Online. On the other hand, we do not know if the new title will exploit ray tracing, a technology so dear to nVidia lately.

Rockstar Games Launcher will propose it for pre-order on October 9th. If you buy it via this platform before October 22, you can also enjoy 2 free games including Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Bully: Scholarship Edition, LA Black: The Complete Edition and Max Payne 3: The Complete Edition.

The other platforms will dispose of it from October 23, still in pre-order it goes without saying. Red Dead Redemption will finally be released on Rockstar Games and Epic Games Store on November 5th. A month later, Steam will offer it for sale. Clearly, the wait has been long, but there is more than a few weeks to wait before finding Dutch van der Lindle and all his band on our PCs.

Source : Rockstar
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Windows 10: the latest fix is crashing the Start menu, the black series continues

octobre 05, 2019 0
On Thursday, October 3, Microsoft began distributing a new cumulative update for Windows 10 version 1903, titled KB4524147. Some users fail to set it up or experience new problems with their Start menu.

Microsoft's recently updated KB4524147 for Windows 10 update was designed to address a printing issue that was introduced in the previous cumulative update. Bad luck (again): Many users report a critical error message when they try to open the Start menu. And this is not the only problem spotted.

The printer problem is still present

"The Start menu does not work. We'll try to fix it the next time you log in, "that's what some users of the Microsoft forum and Reddit get when they click the Windows 10 Start button. Others testify to the impossibility of install the cumulative update completely. On their machine, it is simply impossible to add the patch KB4524147. To finish in style, some found that the printing bug was not even corrected! Even if it affects only a small proportion of users, it is surprising to see that the problem is still present when Microsoft had to solve it.

The giant of Redmond has not yet communicated on these bugs in its page of assistance and did not begin an official investigation. From our side, we were able to install the update without a hitch on all the Windows 10 equipped computers. The Start menu works perfectly. What about you? Have you installed the latest cumulative update for Windows 10 and caused you problems?

In recent months, Windows 10 has accumulated problems because of updates. Already last September, a bug in the Start menu was found, followed by a CPU overload problem. During the summer, it was the headsets and Bluetooth speakers that were the cost of a bug. The cause of these recurring troubles could come from an actual lack internally, as a former Microsoft employee assumes.

Anyway, we hope that Microsoft will quickly release a fix for impacted users.

Source : Techdows
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Samsung Pay adds digital cash card and money transfers

octobre 05, 2019 0
Samsung launches its first credit card in collaboration with Mastercard. Called Samsung Pay Cash, it is a virtual debit card that, as the name suggests, is used with Samsung Pay. It can be added to the e-wallet for online or in-store purchases. Samsung is also launching a money transfer service in partnership with Travelex, a foreign exchange company.

Samsung has just added two new features to Samsung Pay, its e-wallet. The manufacturer has teamed up with Mastercard and Nestpend to launch its first bank card. Unlike the Apple Card, this is a virtual debit card that users can add to Samsung Pay for in-store or online purchases.

Samsung Pay Card: how does it work?

Samsung Pay Cash is a new feature for Samsung smartphones that allows you to create a virtual debit card stored in the Samsung Pay app. It is possible to add funds to the card by transferring them from another bank card (debit or credit) or by bank transfer. This is a prepaid credit card, but can only be used in your Samsung Pay wallet. One of his interests is to allow you to add only the money you need to make regular purchases.

"Samsung Pay Cash is an easy way to manage your budget and keep your money in Samsung Pay as money in your wallet," says Samsung in a press release. "We envision a future in which people can leave their money and cards at home, easily deal with common financial problems and earn rewards at the same time." When you use Samsung Pay Cash to make purchases, you earn Samsung Rewards, points that can be redeemed for Samsung products, or earn prizes. For the moment, the new virtual card can only be used in the United States.

Samsung Pay: a new money transfer feature

In addition to its new virtual debit card, Samsung offers a new international money transfer feature between individuals inside Samsung Pay. The manufacturer is embarking on a market already occupied by companies such as Western Union, TransferWise or more recently PayPal with its Xoom service. The recipient of the funds is not required to have a Samsung Pay account. He can recover the money at a withdrawal point or a partner bank. For now, this feature is also available only to US customers. Samsung promises to extend it to other countries.

Source : Samsung
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vendredi 4 octobre 2019

Samsung Galaxy S11: official presentation on February 18, 2020?

octobre 04, 2019 0
Samsung has planned to present the Galaxy S11 on February 18, 2020 at a conference in San Francisco. Several months before the launch of the smartphone, rather specific information begins to be distilled on the web. We take stock of the latest leaks.

According to information relayed by our fellow SamMobile, Samsung has set the date of presentation of the Galaxy S11 in the third week of February 2020. The manufacturer would have once again chosen to organize the Unpacked event in San Francisco ( United States).

Samsung would present the new Galaxy S11 during the 3rd week of February 2020

Not surprisingly, SamMobile says it's still way too early to stop a specific day. The specialized media, however, expects Tuesday, February 18, 2020. It is consistent with the habits of the manufacturer. This year Samsung introduced the Galaxy S10, S10 +, S10e and Galaxy Fold on February 20th. In 2018, the manufacturer had lifted the veil on the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus February 25.

Nevertheless, it is not impossible that the group decides to shake up its calendar. But for now, there is no indication that Samsung has chosen to move forward or back the Galaxy S11 output. As a reminder, Samsung would consider merging the Galaxy S with Galaxy Note. The range expected early 2020 would combine all the characteristics of the S and Note, including the S-Pen pen. The merger is currently being discussed internally.

Side specifications, the Galaxy S11 would come with One UI 2.1 based on Android, equipped with a triple / quadruple photo sensor 108 Mp and a 90 or 120 Hz screen. The rear camera would also be accompanied by a infrared spectrometer for providing nutritional information on foods. What do you expect from the Galaxy S11? We are waiting for your opinion in the comments.

Source : SamMobile
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jeudi 3 octobre 2019

Google Chrome will integrate Checkup: hacked passwords, soon from the old story?

octobre 03, 2019 0
Regularly, we hear about problems of data breach, a pirated database, thousands of passwords in the hands of hackers. To help users avoid getting their data stolen, Google has created a tool for Chrome that checks if passwords are compromised.

Since February 2019, there is an extension on the Chrome Web Store called Password Checkup. It is responsible for alerting the user in case he enters an username and password unreliable or associated with a data breach known by Google. Already available in more than 50 languages ​​and downloaded by more than 900,000 users, this extension should be integrated directly into the browser.

New security feature for Google Chrome browser

Password Checkup directly scans the user / password pairs stored in the Google Account. It indicates on which services or Web sites the password is compromised, so that it is renewed as quickly as possible by the user. In order to ensure the best security, it warns when it comes to codes that have already been used on other services and prompts to reinforce passwords using lowercase, uppercase, numbers and special characters.

Google has found that most Internet users use weak passwords or reuse them on multiple sites. Even worse, less than half of the respondents change their password when a data breach is reported.

By integrating this tool directly into your browser, Google helps users to become aware of data breaches. This year, he had already added to Chrome security features like exporting passwords and a suggestion tool for complex passwords.

Source : Engadget
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