Android 10 Q: Google adds 65 new emojis

Android 10 Q will bring 65 new emojis, presented by Google this July 17, 2019 on the occasion of World Emoji Day. The focus is on so-called "inclusive" visuals, with new variants for skin types and colors. People with reduced mobility or disabilities are also better represented.

This Wednesday, July 17, 2019, we celebrate World Emoji Day. The perfect opportunity for Google to present the 65 new ones that will come with its next major update, Android 10 Q. The emojis are from the batch 2019 published by the consortium Unicode earlier this year. Level expression of the face, we begin to have done the trick. We will be entitled to a yawn emoji promising potential, one wonders why it was not introduced before. It can be used to indicate that one is tired, that one has to go to sleep, or that the conversation of our interlocutor is annoying. He should have a lot of success.

Android 10 Q: here are the new emojis

Otherwise, we continue in the momentum of last year with new combinations of skin colors, gender and emojis related to mobility for people with disabilities. The goal: to be as inclusive as possible and not to reinforce the clichés. For example, Google says that without gender specification from Unicode, emojis will have an "ambiguous" sex. The police officer will not necessarily be a man and the person not necessarily wearing a hair, explains the firm of Mountain View.

Otherwise, there are also new foods (butter, oyster, onion, soda, juice, waffle), additional animals (flamingo, polecat, lazy, chimpanzee), clothing and various objects such as a razor, an ax or a deer -volant.

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