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jeudi 25 juillet 2019

Deezer offers a dark mode on Android, download APK

Deezer is also entitled to a dark mode with its latest update. The developers have even added a monochrome drive option to switch to black and white. A new version of the menus and the search page has also been created.

Deezer's turn to propose a dark mode. This popular feature is becoming more and more essential and developers are gradually responding to the demand of users on this subject. The music streaming application is now on the page in its latest version, to our delight.

Deezer also goes dark

To activate it, nothing more simple. Go to the settings, then to the screen options and choose Dark Mode. A little extra touch, a "monochrome player" option is also integrated. This one allows to pass the player in black and white only to make a particular aesthetic effect. This will not please everyone but the possibility is there.

To return to the classic dark mode, the benefits of this feature are many. Some prefer the design of the app as simply, but it is also useful not to attack his eyes when you are in an environment with little light, the night for example. Also, a black mode is less consuming the screen and can increase the autonomy. This will not be the case on LCD panels, but the difference is felt with OLED, a technology that we find more and more our devices.

Otherwise, Deezer announces with its update of bug fixes, a menu of options with "cooler design" and a redesign of the search page with a new category.

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