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mardi 23 juillet 2019

Facebook Messenger Kids: a flaw lets kids talk with unauthorized contacts

A design flaw in Facebook Messenger Kids lets kids get in touch with unauthorized users via the newsgroup system. Mark Zuckerberg's firm admits the problem and is working on its correction.

A design flaw was spotted in the Facebook Messenger Kids app, the under 13-year-old version of instant messaging by Mark Zuckerberg's firm. As reported by The Verge, this error in the design of the app allows users to get in touch and chat with strangers. However, the principle of the app is to protect young people by letting parents authorize themselves the interlocutors with whom their children can exchange with the service.

Facebook Messenger Kids: a flaw in the app's design

Facebook acknowledged the problem and even sent warning messages to some parents, explaining that their child ended up in a discussion group that had not received their green light. The platform indicates that the group in question has been removed and is working to ensure that such a situation can not be renewed. Several thousand users are affected by the problem, according to a statement from a spokesman for the social network in The Verge.

But then, what is this fault? In fact, Facebook Messenger Kids let a user invite all his authorized contacts into a group chat. But the system was not supposed to let go when many of these contacts are not allowed between them. For simplicity: A's parents validated A's communication with B, C and D. A creates a group and invites B, C and D. But B's parents did not allow discussions with D. Well because of the fault, B and D can still talk to each other through the group of their common friend, A.

Source : The Verge

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