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jeudi 18 juillet 2019

Google Play Store: these 7 Android apps are spying on you

The Google Play Store was home to 7 Android applications that have the particularity of allowing the spying of users. Thanks to them, anyone can follow the smallest actions of their victims: localization, calls / SMS, messages on social networks, among other private information.

Avast's mobile security team has identified 7 spy apps on the Play Store. All proposed by a Russian developer, they were installed no less than 130 000 times before being banned by Google. Two of them were more popular than others: Spy Tracker and SMS Tracker which were each installed more than 50,000 times. They have nothing to do with the 1325 recently discovered Android apps that siphon personal data.

Play Store: Google banned 7 apps that spy on users

Thanks to these Android apps, spying on smartphones was a breeze. They violate all the conditions of use of the Google Play Store. According to Avast, the developer explained to the users how to install the applications on the smartphone of the victims, but also how to make sure that they are undetectable. The applications would forward information to the spy's e-mail address: call history, location, SMS / MMS, and other private data of the targeted users.

In a recent report by Kaspersky Lab, the security company claims that spyware has been installed on more than 58,000 Android smartphones in 2018. To use these applications, it is necessary to have access to the smartphone of the victim. At least once in order to carry out the installations and configurations necessary for their proper functioning. "These apps are highly unethical and problematic for people's privacy and should not appear on the Google Play Store," Avast said in a post posted on his blog.

All seven apps were on the Play Store under the following names: Track Employees Check Work Phone Online Free Spy, Spy Kids Tracker, Cell Phone Tracker, Mobile Tracking, Spy Tracker, SMS Tracker, Employee Work Spy. All were removed from the store this week thanks to the collaboration between Avast and Google.

Source : Avast

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