On Facebook, 450,000 Americans ready to invade Zone 51 to "hunt aliens"

Strictly forbidden to access, this Nevada military base is the subject of all fantasies. Conspiracyists suspect it to house extraterrestrials.

The Facebook event is ready to smile first: "Let's storm Zone 51, they can not stop us all". But among the 450,000 Americans who say they are ready to hit this ultra-secret military base on September 20, some seem to take the initiative very seriously ...

Built in the 1950s a hundred miles north of Las Vegas, Area 51 -Area 51 in English-feeds the wildest fantasies, says CNN. Conspiracyists claim that the US Air Force conceals UFOs and extraterrestrial technologies such as "Stranger Things". According to the authorities, this military base serves as a testing ground for testing weapons or combat aircraft.

Appointment set in the middle of the night

Pursuing these conspiracy theories, the Facebook event distils advice to take the American soldiers in charge of securing the site by surprise. The meeting point was given at 3:00 am, in the middle of the night, near the Area 51 Alien Center restaurant.

The user who launched the event on Facebook probably knows that a man was shot dead by the military, last January, trying to enter the Zone 51. That is why he recommends to other Internet users to come en masse to overflow the army:

"If we run like Naruto, we'll go faster than their balls," the event said.
A ploy that may not be the weight against the very high surveillance around this site, an area of about 1.2 million hectares. 
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