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vendredi 19 juillet 2019

Pampers launches Lumi connected diapers to better take care of baby

Pampers launches its connected Lumi system, which controls the environment of babies and anticipates their needs so that they bloom at best. Sleep, diaper change, video camera with night vision, room temperature, everything is there to monitor our toddlers down to the last detail.

Pampers introduced the "first connected system for caring for babies in the world". Through different sensors, Lumi analyzes the behavior and environment of toddlers to anticipate their needs and help parents make the right decisions, or prevent them in case of problems. Reassuring when you have to take care of a newborn for the first time.

Pampers Introduces Lumi, a Connected System to Help Care for Babies

Lumi scans the baby's sleep and sends the data directly to the parents' Android or iOS app so they know when it's time to take a nap or have information about the quality of their sleep. child. The app also recalls when was the last time it was changed. But does not detect dirty layers. For that, we will have to trust either the smell or the crying of the baby, the old one.

The kit also includes a wide-angle 1080p resolution camera with night vision and audio. The installation of sensors also allows it to monitor the temperature and humidity of the room. Everything to control the well-being of new children in this world. The price of Lumi has not yet been announced, the launch is scheduled for autumn 2019. A product far from essential but can help or reassure neophytes.

Source : Engadget

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