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dimanche 21 juillet 2019

Tinder refuses the "Google tax" on the Play Store

Tinder has changed its Android app to push users to stop using the in-app payment built into the Google Play Store. What to avoid the "Google tax" of 30%. Payment on the App Store is still in effect.

It does not match anymore between Tinder and Google. The dating app has received some changes on Android in order to be more profitable to Match Group, the company behind the app.

As noted by Bloomberg, when you want to make a purchase within the Tinder Android app (for a Tinder Gold subscription for example), a page opens then to enter his credit card number, replacing the old pop-up from the Play Store that allowed you to pay directly with your Google Account.

This change is of course economic and allows Match Group to recover the full amount invested and not a portion amputated by the "tax" of 30% levied by Google on in-app purchases. This announcement was obviously welcomed by the shareholders of the company who have increased the title by nearly 7% in a few day

According to Bloomberg, when the user has chosen to enter his bank details, it is impossible for him to go back and pay again with his Google account. Because yes, the option is always offered by a phrase "Buy with Google Play instead" located on the payment screen ... but hidden under the keyboard that opens automatically when launching the window, forcing the user to remove the keyboard to see it.

Match Group justifies this novelty by the desire to offer more choices to its users. The company, however, declined to indicate whether such a choice would also be offered to iOS users.

General grumbling

Tinder is not the first application to try to do without the means of payment integrated into the application stores. This was already the case for example Spotify Epic Games (Fortnite) or Netflix.

These are, of course, big names who do not have much to fear and can easily stand up to Google and Apple by doing without their services. It is nevertheless likely that these decisions are starting to be followed more and more frequently by application developers who appreciate little to see 30% of their profits from swelling the bank account of multi-billion dollar giants.

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