YouTube Music now displays your favorite video clips in a snap of your fingers

YouTube Music updates to make it easier to switch between audio and video modes. You can choose to listen to the songs of your favorite artists in audio only mode or load the corresponding music clip when it exists. The switchover is now done on the fly in a fraction of a second and without interruption during the transition.

The ability to choose between audio and video is one of the benefits of the YouTube Music and YouTube Music Premium subscription. YouTube is home to a myriad of music videos, which is an important advantage over the competition Spotify, Apple Music and company. The platform takes advantage of this advantage by allowing subscribers to switch between the two modes at will. The latest YouTube update enhances this feature for a better experience.

YouTube Music makes it easy to switch between audio and video modes

"Imagine that you are listening to a new song from your favorite artist in the YouTube Music app with the ability to seamlessly switch to the corresponding music video: no pause, no interruption, just a transition that allows the music to stay fluid. This is what YouTube Music now allows, as the platform announces in a note posted on his blog. When both modes are available for content, "sound" and "video" tabs now appear on the top of the screen.

You can switch between the two modes on the fly smoothly and without interruption. YouTube Music keeps your reading position. And for those who prefer to stay constantly in "music" mode, an option in the settings allows you to permanently disable videos to have 100% audio streaming on YouTube Music. This option is useful for saving mobile plans with a limited data volume. The feature is available now on Android and iOS.

Source : YouTube
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