NVIDIA to launch new high-end GeForce RTX GPU

A mysterious reference to an unofficial graphic card has recently appeared in the AIDA64 tool database. This card is based on the Tu102 die, the same as the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti GPU. It is therefore a high-end graphics card and most likely the RTX 2080 Ti Super.

Nvidia recently announced GeForce RTX Series 20 Super graphics cards that include three GPUs, the RTX 2060 Super, 2070 Super and 2080 Super. Only the RTX 2080 Ti was not entitled to an improved version. This does not mean that the firm will leave it on the floor. Clues are beginning to point to the upcoming arrival of a new high-end graphics card.

Nvidia: a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Super in approach?

A mysterious map has been found in the AIDA64 database. It is based on die Tu102, which suggests two possibilities. Nvidia could be preparing an update of the Titan RTX, a 2700-euro Super-Model for 3D professionals. The second most plausible hypothesis concerns a RTX 2080 Ti Super, simply because its reference Nvidia GeForce RTX T10-8 suggests that it is a GPU for the gaming segment.

Although Nvidia has stated that RTX 2080 Ti Super is not on the program, these new clues suggest that the opposite is coming. A jacket turnaround is all the more credible as AMD prepares the arrival of new high-end graphics cards engraved in 7 nm which pose a serious threat to Nvidia and its premium offer.

Source : WccfTech