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dimanche 4 août 2019

The Pocophone F2 could finally come out, with an AMOLED display

Will the F2 Pocophone come out one day? While a report said that Xiaomi could stop the fees to give priority to Redmi, a leaker ensures that a successor to the Pocophone F1 is in the boxes, and announces that it will be equipped with an AMOLED screen.

Almost a year after the launch of the Pocophone F1, we have heard very little about his successor so far. It is now done with information launched by Tech Auntyji leaker and relayed by Android Headlines. A Pocophone F2 would be well developed at Xiaomi. "Very good, my darlings. I have news for you. The Pocophone F2 exists. And he has an AMOLED screen. I can not say anything more for the moment, "Tech Auntyji said.

Will Xiaomi launch a Pocophone F2?

So we do not know much about the device, but the leaker seems safe and Xiaomi should launch a Pocophone F2, or whatever its commercial name in the end. However, a previous report told us that Xiaomi could already kill his brand Pocophone. It would be too much now that Redmi is no longer just a range but a brand in itself. The series Redmi K20 and Xiaomi Mi 9T also seemed to have taken the place of the Pocophone 2.

As a reminder, the Pocophone F1 had a promise: offer the essentials and high-end performance with Snapdragon 845 with a financially affordable smartphone. And the bet was successful. Xiaomi could however change strategy by setting the Pocophone F2 on a higher-end mobile now that Redmi is on the niche of value for money. The presence of an AMOLED display abounds in this direction. We can not wait for the Chinese group to communicate on this subject in order to really understand what it's all about.

Source : Android Headlines

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