YouTube Originals: goes free on September 24, 2019, no more premium subscription

YouTube Originals will change. The series and content will go free from September 24, 2019, announces Google. There will no longer need a premium subscription to enjoy. Some videos will be reserved for subscribers, but we do not know in what proportions.

By launching YouTube Premium, Google had an idea behind the head to convince users to pay a subscription: Originals content and series, only available to subscribers. Logic: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO and others, it is the original productions that encourage consumers to pay. But that did not work out as planned on YouTube and to inflate the audiences of Originals creations, the company of Mountain View decided to make them accessible to all for free.

YouTube Originals: free videos from September 24, 2019

"As of September 24, 2019, the access conditions and restrictions for YouTube Originals content will be updated," says Google in a blog note. Beware however, it is clear that there will always exist series available only for Premium subscribers. They will be identified with a YouTube Premium badge. "The availability of YouTube Originals series and movies may vary by country," it says.

To summarize: the mention Originals YouTube is removed, some videos that were part will go free, others will be labeled Premium. For the rest, YouTube Premium does not change and offers the same exclusive features as before:

  • Access to YouTube Originals content without advertising
  • Access to all episodes of a series right out
  • Ability to download YouTube Originals content for offline viewing
  • Exclusive access to bonuses such as long versions and unpublished YouTube Originals content (if available)

We do not know for the moment how Google will sort between the content that will pass free and those that will be reserved for Premium subscribers.