Google Chrome will integrate Checkup: hacked passwords, soon from the old story?

Regularly, we hear about problems of data breach, a pirated database, thousands of passwords in the hands of hackers. To help users avoid getting their data stolen, Google has created a tool for Chrome that checks if passwords are compromised.

Since February 2019, there is an extension on the Chrome Web Store called Password Checkup. It is responsible for alerting the user in case he enters an username and password unreliable or associated with a data breach known by Google. Already available in more than 50 languages ​​and downloaded by more than 900,000 users, this extension should be integrated directly into the browser.

New security feature for Google Chrome browser

Password Checkup directly scans the user / password pairs stored in the Google Account. It indicates on which services or Web sites the password is compromised, so that it is renewed as quickly as possible by the user. In order to ensure the best security, it warns when it comes to codes that have already been used on other services and prompts to reinforce passwords using lowercase, uppercase, numbers and special characters.

Google has found that most Internet users use weak passwords or reuse them on multiple sites. Even worse, less than half of the respondents change their password when a data breach is reported.

By integrating this tool directly into your browser, Google helps users to become aware of data breaches. This year, he had already added to Chrome security features like exporting passwords and a suggestion tool for complex passwords.

Source : Engadget