GTA 6: a youtubeur decides to drive in GTA 5 live 24/24 until his exit from the game

A fan very impatient for the release of GTA 6 has launched a rather crazy challenge: roaming the streets of San Andreas 24/24 live, on YouTube, until Rockstar Games decides to launch the next game. The problem ? There are several - but in any case the streamer in question may wander a long time on the map.

We feel that there is a youtubeur very clever in the room. The 10HoursMovie YouTube channel took on a crazy challenge: driving in GTA 5 non stop until Rockstar Games finally decided to launch GTA 6. So, in a live video, we can see the youtubeur drive with a background music - without the slightest comment. There are of course several problems. And the first of them is size: Rockstar Games has not yet announced GTA 6. In fact, for the moment, there is not really any rumor to put in the tooth that would confirm the the very existence of this game, which could (or could not) come out in 2020, 2021, 2022 ... or 2099. We do not know anything about it!

GTA 6: this crazy youtubeur who wants to play GTA 5 until the release of the sequel is it only human?

The other problem is the direct consequence of the first one: there are very strong doubts as to the authenticity of the performance. First because playing alone without stopping at the same game 24 hours a day does not seem reasonable at all. Then because no clue proves that we have a human player at the other end of the stream: we told you, there is no voice off - nevertheless, overprinted text suggests a rain of donations. Because that's what seems to be the purpose of the maneuver: to generate money by surfing on the waiting for a game that we do not even know if it is about to leave.

If you come across this stream, we recommend you to go your way. However, be aware that as noted by our colleagues TomsGuide has happened that such performances last for years. This is the case for example of Desert Bus for Hope, organized since 2007, and still in progress. In this case, the performance is nevertheless easier to verify, since it is a real marathon in which enthusiasts take turns for 12 years. Their goal ? Raise funds for charities that care for children. And you give back some faith in humanity.