OnePlus 7T fails Jerry Rig Everything's resistance test

The OnePlus 7T has just passed into the hands of Jerry Rig Everything for uncompromising stress testing. This torture test tests the smartphone's AMOLED 90 Hz display, its triple circular rear photo sensor and its aluminum frame. Unlike its predecessors, the flagship killer unfortunately failed in the last phase of the test. Check out the video below.

True to its habits, Jerry Rig Everything begins by testing the resistance of the OnePlus 7T AMOLED panel. As is the case for most high-end tested, the slab resists pretty well to the shots of the videographer's cutter. There is little risk that your keys or parts left in your pocket leave traces on the glass.

OnePlus 7T: this test of resistance puts to the test the smartphone, here is the video
In contact with the flame of a lighter, the AMOLED screen is just as durable. After a few seconds, the pixels of the slab start working normally. On this side, the OnePlus 7T resists as well as any other premium terminal on the market. Same story for the glass back and the triple circular sensor. The rear module does not risk anything in case of normal daily use.

The smartphone unfortunately fails the folding test. As always, YouTubeur concludes his video by trying to bend the device with bare hands. From the first seconds of bending, the glass on the back of the terminal cracked. The videographer attributes this fragility to the presence of the circular cutout dedicated to the camera "OnePlus has never failed my resistance tests," notes Jerry Rig Everything, visibly surprised and disappointed. The OnePlus 7 Pro had passed the test hands down.

"I have smartphones endure hardships that do not reflect normal everyday life," says the videographer. Nevertheless, most of the devices tested proved impossible to bend. The OnePlus 7T has therefore failed the resistance test. In case of classic use, the flasghip should not disappoint you anyway.