Security: Huawei suffers one million cyberattacks a day

According to Huawei's chief of security, the company would repel an impressive amount of computer attacks. Attacks across the world, and US authorities that would not be foreign, according to the company.

If Huawei is facing Donald Trump's ire, it's not the only threat that society faces. According to company security chief John Suffolk, who spoke in the columns of The Mainichi, Huawei suffers about a million cyberattacks every day. Hackers would attack from several countries, including China. And necessarily, for the company, among the sponsors, there would be the US government.

Cyber ​​attacks to steal Huawei technologies

Most of these attacks would be aimed at technology theft. No wonder, when you know that for 5G, Huawei would have the best technology in the world. A superiority that many do not see a good eye. This is of course the case of the United States with their sanctions, whose pressure tends to diminish, but also other players in the industry, such as Nokia, a framework said a few months ago that Huawei was a threat to security.

If this time, John Suffolk does not accuse anyone explicitly, he said last month that US authorities had "threatened, coerced and seduced" company employees, and conducted "cyberattacks to infiltrate the intranet and internal information systems ".

The nature of the attacks is unknown, even though the newspaper mentions "a theft of confidential information by the sending of a computer virus by email". Difficult to imagine, however, that Huawei is fooled by large-scale phishing. If so, we can only advise him to take inspiration from the new method of phishing against Instagram. Anyway, John Suffolk said that although most machines are very well protected, some attacks targeting older systems sometimes reached their goal. Obviously, he adds that no capital information has yet been stolen. The company will however strengthen the protections, especially with its customers.

So let's hope for society that together with the lifting of sanctions, the number of attacks will decrease in the coming weeks.