The Huawei P30 Pro no longer wants to launch Netflix, is your smartphone touched?

The Huawei P30 Pro continues to be talked about, but this time it does not affect the quality of its photos or its performance. It appears that some devices that previously could pass the SafetyNet test are now unable to do so. Applications no longer recognize the terminal as authentic and honest.

The Huawei P30 Pro would currently be the victim of a big bug. At issue: SafetyNet. This is an important attestation API that allows applications to verify the integrity of the device on which they run. In practice, its operation is essential to use Netflix or Google Pay, for example.

Huawei must quickly deploy the final version of EMUI 10

This defect was reported for the first time on Twitter by the British developer Paul O'Brien. The latter has an unmodified P30 Pro that has already passed SafetyNet successfully, but fails the same operation today. Some smartphone users using the same software version, however, report a good operation.

Huawei confirmed that some devices do not behave normally with SafetyNet, but that this problem should only affect phones using the EMUI 10 beta on Android 10. The brand explains that normally, for testing purposes, Google allows the beta version of an Android-based mobile OS to behave as a certified version. In the case of the P30 Pro, the August EMUI 10 beta version is no longer considered certified, resulting in a failure to connect to SafetyNet.

Regarding the users of EMUI 9.1, the brand has no explanation as to why the devices would not pass the test. To check if a device is affected, simply download the SafetyNet Test application and run it.

Huawei takes the opportunity to announce that EMUI 10 has been certified by Google to be used in final version on the P30 Pro. So just wait until the update is deployed so that the behavior of flagships against SafetyNet becomes normal again.