Accused cheating, Fortnite video game

Jarvis Kaye, a 17-year-old Briton, is no longer allowed to play Fortnite, the famous online video game. It was not his parents who banned him, but the publisher of the game Epic Games, who accused him of cheating. Because this teen is not anyone.

a global market worth between $ 600 and $ 900 million: e-sport, or e-sport, is a booming market. It is attracting more and more young video game enthusiasts, the best of whom even become paid professionals.

This is the case of Jarvis Kaye. At just 17 years old, this Briton has become a professional player of the famous Fortnite online game. The young gamer is known as "FaZe Jarvis" and is part of the e-sports team called FaZe Clan. It is considered one of the best in the world.

Most young people playing video games know this name. Because this British teen enjoys a lot of notoriety on social networks: it has more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube and nearly 600 000 people follow him on Twitch, a website that broadcasts videos dedicated to video games.

But in a video published this Sunday, November 3 on YouTube, the young Jarvis appears completely devastated. What puts him in this state? He has just been banned for life from Fortnite, the fighting game, he explains to his followers, his fans who follow him on the internet. A drama for him.

It was the game's publisher, Epic Games, who inflicted this punishment. And who ejected him from his servers.

Epic Games accuses the young gamer of having used, via his secondary account, aimbots, cheat software to improve the accuracy of shooting in the fighting game, reports the British newspaper The Independent.

The apology of the teenager in tears

"All I wanted was that my videos be nice to watch. I never thought I could be banned from Fortnite, it did not even cross my mind. It's the first time I've ever used bulls and I've never done it in competition, "says the young man, with tears in his eyes.

He then explains that he will no longer be able to play Fortnite or create game related content on YouTube and Twitch. Then, he apologizes to Epic Games: "I know I made a mistake and I'm really sorry. "

But Epic Games has a zero tolerance policy for players suspected of cheating, especially if their gaming performance allows them to make a living. In 2018, the gaming publisher even bought Kamu, a Finnish company specializing in online gaming security, to fight against cheaters.

On Twitter, Jarvis Kaye thanked all those who support him. Since then, his community of fans has immediately created the hashtag #FreeJarvis on the social network, hoping that the company publisher of the game reconsider his decision and is exceptionally lenient towards him.

For his part, Jarvis says "take responsibility for his actions." Meanwhile, other Internet users hope that his case will serve as an example to those who are tempted to cheat to win ...